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Better than Banksy?


The funniest story of the week comes from the Czech Republic, where government officials recently unvieled a work of art commissioned to commemorate the country’s presidency of the EU. The installation, titled Entropa, was meant to be a mosaic created by 27 different European artists, but instead was the handiwork of one David Černý, a controversial Czech sculptor. The whole thing is a hilarious piece of satire, which lampoons famous cultural stereotypes:

Germany is represented by intersecting “autobahns” that form the shape of a Swastika.

Bulgaria is represented by a toilet.

Romania is a dracula theme park.

The country of France is depicted as perpetually “on strike.”


Artist: 1, EU: 0


Blue is for boys…



Korean artist. Jeongmee Yoon. takes pictures of some enforced gender stereotypes- namely children’s preferences for pink and blue. It’s interesting that these colour preferences seem to transcend culture and geography. Ultimately, these stereotypes are so pervasively represented in media and advertising that the inculcation of every child’s mind seems inevitable. Colour preferences might seem harmless, but I wonder what other gender stereotypes are subtly being reinforced by a child’s surroundings. At least the E-Z Bake Oven comes in turquoise…

Credit to Andrew Sullivan’s blog for the redirection.