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Plouffe’s Master Plan

Found this interesting presentation given by Rahaf Harfoush, who runs a new media consulting firm in Toronto, and worked on the Obama campaign in Chicago. She breaks down Obama’s new media strategy, which has clearly emerged as the difference-maker in the last election:

Can’t help but wonder how (or if) our Canadian politicians might learn from these strategies in the impending election (we’ll definitely have one in 2009).

In related news,  David Plouffe,  a.k.a one of the  mastermind’s behind Obama’s campaign strategy was recently in Toronto. It seems like he’s making the speaking circuit rounds, doing early promotions for his yet-to-be-written book on the campaign.  If we aren’t all already sick of hearing about the 2008 election (for the record, I’m clearly o.k with analyzing it to death), we will be soon!


Youtube symphony orchestra

How ridiculous is this?

Another excellent example of the collaborative power of new media. YouTube’s done a great job setting this up, with help from Tan Dun (a top notch composer) and the London Symphony Orchestra.  I can’t wait to see the finished video. Check out the Youtube Symphony Channel for more info. They even have master classes for each instrument as well as some unintentionally hilarious “personal conductor” videos: